Thursday, November 20, 2014

Retouching Assignment

I un-wrinkled Jim Carrey's face in this assignment 
by using the spot healing brush tool.

Magazine Cover Assignment

I had to put my face on a magazine in this project, and I thought it would be
sort of cool to do one in a different language.

Movie Poster Assignment

For this assignment I had to photoshop myself onto a movie poster. 
I chose Elf because it's one of my favorite movies for the holidays.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Classical "Painted" Portrait

In this project we had to find a picture and use filters to make it look like the picture was actually painted, so I used a filter and adjusted the lighting and shades so that it looked like the picture was painted.

Creative Blurring

In this assignment we had to choose and image and blur the back round but keep the foreground 
focused. I really liked this project because I think the effect dramaticizes the image and makes it more interesting.

Portrait Montage Using Different Backrounds

For this assignment I put a bunch of zendoodles into one picture and then put myself in there too.

Self-Portrait Montage with Different Filters

For this assignment I took a bunch of pictures of myself and then I put filters on them 
and made them into one picture.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Triple Portrait (Evolution)

This project shows the evolution of the horse. A foal, adult, and then to old.

CandyLand Landscape

We had to create an imaginary candy land for this project, so I used many different
layers of different sweets to create this scene. 

Art Addition to Masterpiece

In this assignment, I had to add myself to a masterpiece. So I chose to add
 myself to the Mona Lisa and use filters
to make it look like I'm really supposed to be there.

Repetition Used in a Creative Way

In this project, we had to use repetition, patterns and such, to create a picture. So I took one image
of flowers and laid them over each other to create a pattern.  

Who's in our School?

For this assignment we had to add characters into our school. So, I added Mario characters.

Disproportionate Picture

This picture is a disproportionate photo, meaning things that should be small or large
in real life, aren't in the photo. For example, the bee should be small compared to the 
elephant, but since it's a disproportionate picture, it isn't. 

Seven Wonders of the World

In project, I had to photoshop myself into one of the world'd wonders. I chose the Pyramid
at Giza because I've always wanted to visit Egypt.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Create a Hybrid Creature

In this assignment, I had to create an animal incorporating five into one. The animal that I created
is a mix between a horse, a tiger, a butterfly, a zebra, and snails. I call it the "Zigerailfly". 

Decorate an Empty Room

This room started out as empty, but I filled it in with many things I enjoy. Such as art, animals, and my phone. I also added things I want like a vanity and a night stand.

Colorize a Black and White Ansel Adams Image

This photograph was originally taken by Ansel Adams as a black and white image, but for this
assignment I colored it in with a low opacity as to not make it look cartoony. 

Colorize a Black and White Image

For this project, I found a black and white picture off of Tumblr, and using a low opacity, I 
colored in and shaded the flowers and back round.

Picasso-esque Cubist Digital Portrait

In this assignment, I added many different parts of the face to one, just as Picasso did in his work.

Surrealist Digital Portrait

My surrealist digital portrait is a food lady, she is entirely made of food and 
nothing else. She really needs to brush her teeth though... 

Surrealist Digital Landscape

For my surrealist landscape, I tried to make it as full of funny, pointless things as I could. This way, 
it would be very interesting and amusing.